N4L Gaming does Comics – Marvel Collector Corps October Box – Villains

We at N4L Gaming celebrate all types of Nerd fandom and subscription based goody boxes fall under that category. Marvel teamed up with Funko to produce Collector Corps exclusive Pops and other bi-monthly themed loot, in celebration of Halloween they choose a Villains theme as October’s box.


Front of the box featuring Venom
Front of the box featuring Venom

Without further ado let’s get to looking inside.


Collector Corps patch and pin

These fall in line with previous box’s patch and pins, Red Skull and Green Goblin are representing for the villains.


Invincible Iron Man (2015) #1 Variant

Probably the most out of place item in this box seeing how it is not very Villain based. Sure the cover is cool with Zombified versions of Marvel Villains, however it is just a variant of the Marvel Now! relaunch of Invincible Iron Man. I think it is a missed opportunity for Marvel to include a one shot comic or a classic villain issue of some big name baddie like Loki, Ultron or Thanos.


Pocket Pop Keychain Bobblehead – Venom

Now this is more like it, a Collector Corps exclusive mini bobblehead pop of everyones favorite alien symbiote, Venom! I really enjoy the box and the figure on this little guy, it really does feel like a mini version of a Pop! Bobblehead. This bad boy is definitely gonna be going on my keychain!


Dorbz Vinyl Figure – Loki

Ah Dorbz, the cousin of the more famous Pop! Bobbleheads. This is the second Dorbz Collector Corps has included since launching, the other being Ultron in the Avengers Box. I can see why people collect these figures they are just too “Cutesy” for my taste, that being said this Loki is pretty detailed for a vinyl figure.


Marvel Villains T-Shirt

This shirt is probably my favorite item in this months box, I really enjoy it’s simplistic yet detailed sketch style design. I have heard some people criticize the lack of color, but I think the Marvel logo being the only color on it adds to the sketchbook type of vibe I believe they were going for.


Funko Pop! – Zombie Morbius

When Funko teased that the Villains box was going to include a Pop! they never made before, I think the Spider-Man villain Morbius was the last figure anyone would have thought of. However it is the month of Halloween and Zombie + Vampire = fits the theme to a T. I was lucky enough to get the Zombie Morbius version but there is also a normal version with no gnarly teeth showing.

Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen, everything in this months box. Overall I would say I rate this box last if I were to rank all available box’s, with Avengers, Secret Wars, and Ant-Man all above Villains. Make sure to follow us on social media and stick around to check out December’s theme of Guardians of the Galaxy!


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