N4L Gaming Reviews – Hitman GO: Definitive Edition

Hitman GO: Definitive Edition Review

Hitman-ing on the go

Platform(s): PlayStation 4 / PlayStation Vita (Reviewed)

Price: $7.99 / Ps Plus Price: $6.39


                Portable games…some gamers see them as the ugly stepchild to their console brethren, others… filler? Truth is portable games carry a stigma that follows them constantly, at least to more seasoned folks. They need to be bite sized enough to actually be portable while also needing to captivate immediately be it by the game mechanics, story, graphics or whatever else. Something needs to “hook” you in to actually want to play it. Enter the almost 2 year old but freshly released Hitman GO: Definitive Edition for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Is it the portable Hitman game you always wanted? Probably not. Is it a different approach and something different? Oh yeah! Let’s take a look. 

First thing you need to know is this isn’t your normal Hitman game. Instead of the stealth 3rd person action gameplay Hitman is known for, you get a turn based puzzle game. Now before you cry blasphemy and pop in Hitman: Blood Money for the 10th time (or first, whatever)… Don’t! This game actually works very well in a relaxing brain teasing kind of way. That is to say: It’s different, but not bad. Gone are the sprawling landscapes of exotic locales and villas, replaced now with a very board game look and feel. Everything from Agent 47 to the environment and your targets, all look like they are straight out of a tabletop board game you would play with your parents as a kid. This is part of Hitman GO’s charm and minimalistic approach; tension and stealth are replaced by a tranquil game of strategy perfect for 10-15 minute chunks of gameplay.


You move along nodes on a gridlike map of varying paths and layouts, and assassinate enemies by simply moving onto their Node either from behind or from the side. This may sound easy but as you progress more and more mechanics open up. Guards start moving a turn after you make your turn, distractions come into play, even weapons make an appearance with their different rules and restrictions. Most levels also have numerous bonus objectives as well, such as completing a level with no kills or finding briefcases scattered about. Some of these bonus objectives turn the game into a series of chess like matches, planning and strategizing to complete them. I found really refreshing. Completing stages and bonus objectives awards you “marks” which are in turn used as benchmarks to unlock more and more levels. For example: you’ll need 20 marks to unlock stage 2, and 45 marks for stage 3 and so on.


Hitman GO Definitive Edition includes the the two DLC map packs from the IOS/Android version that launched in 2014 giving a total of over 80 brain twisting stages. It is slightly more expensive than its mobile phone counterparts. However, you do get the cross buy/cross save functionality on the Ps4 and Vita respectively. I will say this game is more suited for Sony’s mobile console, as the graphics on the Ps4 are just not up to par, you can tell this was a mobile game on an HDTV.



When it really comes down to it I enjoyed my time with Hitman GO. Is it for everyone? Probably not, but if you are a Hitman fan and need something to pass the time waiting for the next franchise entry this may just tickle your fancy. It is a fresh take on an established gaming franchise, stripping away the fancy, intricate gameplay and graphics for a simple and neat puzzle experience. It is best experienced on the Ps Vita or a smart phone, but the Ps4 works just fine as long as you don’t expect much in the graphics department.

Verdict: Buy It

For about the price of a month of Netflix you can check out this unconventional puzzler!


Fresh Unique Gameplay

Brainteasing fun

Steady learning curve


Ps4 Graphics are nothing to write home about

Tailored for bite size chunks of gameplay




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