Nostalgia Trip: Pokemon Yellow


I love the hell out of Pokemon. Since I was 10 years old pulling a holographic Clefairy from a starter deck I’ve been hooked, but things have been a little different since the 90’s. Instead of using allowance to buy cards, save for a cartridge (originally owned Blue, represent) and indulge in every bit of the fandom possible I have succumbed to the drudges of adulthood. My allowance comes from being a social media manager and indulgences are more of the food and booze variety, but with the re-release of Pokemon Yellow I’ve decided to treat my inner child with a trip down memory lane. Sorta.  Continue reading


N4L Gaming throw back – Why Halo 3 ODST could be the most definitive Halo Experience

With the recent release of Halo 5 we at N4L Gaming thought it was a good time to look upon the good ol days and reminisce about the series. The following piece is written by Anthony Fuentes and his thoughts on this why ODST could very well be THE definitive halo experience.

One day my nephew, a bright boy of age 8, saved enough money to buy two 5 dollar games from GameStop’s bargain bin and a toy. Initially, he was most excited about the toy (Minecraft figure, because 8) but he also felt he got a good deal with the bargain games. One immediate choice was Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, because he loves scaling virtual buildings as well as murdering those poor CPU guards in creative ways (he really loved Rogue for the ability to kill citizens). The other: Halo ODST. His reasoning was less rooted in past experiences with the franchise but rather an 8 year old’s insatiable need to shoot things and do it fast. He comes from the school of Call of Duty and figured the experience would be similar: twitch reflex shooting and a linear, Michael Bay like campaign. His previous experience with Halo was 4 so he didn’t have a reason to really think otherwise. When he finally jumped into the single player portion, having exhausted the poor Minecraft Creeper, something strange happened. Continue reading